Robin’s Personal EXTREME Productivity Blueprint

Extreme Productivity BlueprintInquiring minds want to know… There is an enormous, consistent curiosity about how I really “operate.” I often get questioned about how I’m able to produce so much quality output and get so much done. How I’m able to control my environment. How I’m able to lead a normal life, stop working by 4:00 p.m. every day, maintain a high level of fitness and raise two kids (and listen up boys…I’m the one who birthed ‘em, so don’t talk to ME about kids and family making you tired!) while simultaneously growing my company year after year. How I’m able to process so much information and produce so much written material – not to mention how I’m able to get my TEAM to produce at the same level.

That’s why I’m giving you my entire “Robin Operating System” for how I’ve been able to DESIGN a company that generates over $18 million dollars a year (and growing) while working from home. How I’ve been able to have such an ENORMOUS impact in my market niche, to the point of having a cult-like following. (And I want to be crystal clear that my clients are FAR from mindless followers, but intelligent, successful people who “follow” me because I serve them, NOT because they are weak-minded or gullible.) I will discuss how I select what opportunities to focus on…how I go about building systems in my business…how I’ve purposefully designed my company to have MULTIPLE leverage points with each project being synergistic to every other project I’m working on. I’ll also reveal…

  • How I stay motivated and get myself to consistently take action EVEN WHEN I’m tired, distracted, stressed out – and resist the urge to give myself an easy pass.
  • How I deal with overwhelm and NEVER miss deadlines (You should know that in the last 10 years, despite our growth, I have never missed a single deadline for a client. Ever.)
  • A DETAILED process for how I plan my year, my quarter, my week and my day; also, how I deal with unforeseen problems that show up so they don’t derail me.
  • How I select which opportunities to say yes to – or no – and how I structure every deal, every product and every activity to gain multiple leverage points.

I believe that this bonus ALONE will be worth the price of attending Roadshow. Even if I can give you a VERY conservative 10% increase in your own personal output…a clearer, better defined, more productive modus operandi of your own…and increase your income by 10%, that alone covers the price of admission. But this is VERY small thinking. The potential is there for enormous breakthroughs in how you think, conduct business, view (and capitalize) on opportunities, and ultimately, enjoy far more autonomy, freedom and productivity, and make a WHOLE lot more money WITHOUT having to put in more hours, with more discipline and more grind. You’ll gain a true “asset” that you will draw on and enjoy the benefits of for life.  That, my friend, is priceless.

Free Bonus #2 For Our Infusionsoft Members:
4 BRAND NEW Campaigns For FREE

For our MAP Infusionsoft clients, attend the Roadshow and get these 4, NEWLY-BUILT Infusionsoft campaigns for FREE! That is a $796 value that you get at no cost, just for coming!

  • List Scrub Campaign (new and improved!)

ERASE much of the painful and tedious manual work out of database cleanup with this new and improved automated workflow campaign. Instantly generate lists of leads that need to be cleaned and update contact info in one, easy-to-use, SPEEDY step. The easier it is to do list cleaning, the more leads you have to market to, which turns into more opportunities and $$. Make database cleaning EASY to do with this automated workflow!

  • 5-Call Follow-Up Campaign

How do you make sure that leads are followed up on with multiple touches? How can you guarantee that calls are made? How do you ensure that leads don’t get abandoned? This campaign will automatically generate sequential call lists that you can drop leads into for effective, regular and managed touches where you can measure results (and instantly see if the calls get made!).

  • Evergreen Webinar Campaign

The Evergreen Webinar Campaign will create a lead generation webinar that attracts your ideal prospects and turns leads into appointments on AUTOPILOT. This eliminates the need to constantly do live webinars, which require tons of your time and less than stellar attendance rates. Simply set up this automated campaign in Infusionsoft and let the webinar find and convert leads into appointments for you!

  • Trade Show Campaign (new and improved!)

Have you ever paid big bucks to attend a trade show and worked your butt off during the event to hustle for business cards, only to leave with zero appointments and zero desire to do data entry to input that massive stack of business cards you now have? This new and improved automation campaign will enable you to generate leads DURING the event and automate your post-trade-show marketing, slashing the hassle it takes to effectively follow up immediately after you’re drained from a trade show.

Free Bonus #3:
The Appointment Generating Miracle

Appointment Generating MiracleA Complete How-To Guide To Building A Productive Inside Sales Department To Get More Appointments With Prize Prospects

If you look at how most IT firms market themselves, you’ll see their activities are extremely passive and engineered to do everything BUT talk directly to a prospect. They wait for referrals to come in and/or spend hours tweeting, blogging and posting online in hopes that a good prospect will see their ad or article and call their office (for the record, “hope” is never a good business strategy). E-mail response rates are at an all-time low and are getting worse, and Google AdWords and other online media will only reach a small, miniscule percentage of the total pool of prospects available – many of whom are NOT searching online right now for their next IT provider.

That’s why it’s necessary to implement a DIRECT outreach to C-level decision makers at companies you want as clients. When done right, you’ll win appointments with prospects that aren’t actively looking right now, but are open to considering an alternative IT provider. You’ll also build a QUALITY list of prospects and learn when a prospect’s current IT services contract is up so you can get the opportunity to win their business when the time comes.

In This Program, You’ll Discover:

  • A process for phone prospecting that is far more elegant, ethical and effective than brute-force cold calls.
  • Metrics you should know and manage by, including how many calls and appointments your inside salesperson should be able to make.
  • How to calculate the total costs and return for this marketing investment; you’ll receive an ROI calculator that will allow you to know with accuracy what to budget and what you should expect to get in sales in return, based on REAL WORLD numbers.
  • An inside sales position scorecard, job description and job ad to help you recruit the perfect insides sales candidate.
  • How to manage your inside salesperson (or team) for peak performance.
  • Scripts and approaches that will get you the appointment, lower resistance and position you as a professional company.

Free Bonus #4:
The 4-Week Fast Start

4-Week Fast StartOur MOST EFFECTIVE Marketing Campaigns Mapped Out Into An Incredibly Easy, 4-Week Implementation Program

What You’ll Get With This Program:

  • List-Building 101: How to build a QUALITY list of responsive prospects and clients FAST. You’ll get my 7-step “stupid-simple” system for building a prospecting list so you are targeting the right people.
  • The Unconverted Lead Jump Start: How to get prospects that have “gone dark” to respond and buy. This one e-mail (yes, e-mail…no calls required here) will “revive” dead leads and turn them into appointments and sales. You’ll get the complete format and training for EXACTLY what to say.
  • A Client-Multiplier Campaign: How to get EVERY client to cheerfully spend more money with you while increasing their satisfaction, loyalty and referrals. No more awkward “price increase” conversations; with this simple system, you’ll retain your clients while giving them better service at higher profits.
  • The Decision-Maker E-mail: A process for getting even the most stubborn, penny-pinching clients to take your advice and upgrade their backup, security or other recommended solution. This is PERFECT for the unresponsive executive who you need to get in front of fast.
  • The Rave-Review-Getter Campaign: How to get AMAZING client testimonials and reviews to help you attract more “sweet- spot” clients.
  • The Profit Multiplier: An elegant strategy to raise prices WITHOUT raising your fees.
  • Exact E-mail Scripts to use with each of these different campaigns and the one-step follow-up plan for each delivered to you online so you can cut-and-paste them right away. Plus, you get “how-to” videos that take you through each of these simple-to-use strategies so there are no unanswered questions.

And after you’ve gone through this program, you’ll get a live, one-on-one, one-hour consultation call with one of our top client coaches to discuss results and roadblocks, and to provide steps to get the results that you want and deserve.

Here’s What Previous Roadshow Guests Have To Say:

Matt Jurcich

“You Gave Me The Motivation To Tackle My Goals”

"I feel much more focused and ready to tackle the next goals. There seemed to be more information presented that was so beneficial to things I am working on that it has helped lighten my load overall. I would welcome more sessions like that in the future – beyond the always-needed butt-kicking Robin gives us."

Matt Jurcich Invisik Corporation

Dan Matney

“The Roadshow Blows All Other Events Out Of The Water!”

"Robin’s team KILLED IT in Chicago! I’ve been to other industry events, but the Roadshow just blew everything out of the water. I developed three new partnerships that will not only better my company, but have invigorated me beyond words. Thanks to Robin and her team for putting on such a fantastic event and experience."

Dan Matney Matney Technology Group

Paul Nebb

“You’re Missing Out And Doing Yourself (And Your Business) A Disservice By Not Taking Advantage Of The Roadshows”

"It's very easy to come up with excuses not to attend. We're all busy. Every major business/profession has continuing education requirements. I, seeing myself as a "technology professional" treat Technology Marketing Toolkit as the continuing education to continuously better myself. I was able to bring my marketing manager to this event as well. Having my 'implementer' there next to me was critical as it helps us both to stay on the same page."

Paul Nebb Titan Technologies