Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure I’m a client; how do I find out?

If you bought ANY product from us sometime in the past, you ARE considered a client and are entitled to the $500 savings ($99 registration rate). You do NOT have to be in an active membership to get the $99 rate. If you are unsure of your status, call our office at 615-790-5011 or send an e-mail to and we can look up your account.

How is this different from Boot Camp? Or Rapid Implementation? If I attended those events, should I attend this?

Yes, you should attend; better than 70% of the attendees will be members who attended Rapid Implementation and Boot Camp, so the content shared here will be entirely new. THIS event will be focused exclusively on IMPLEMENTATION of marketing, with a little cross over in content from Rapid Implementation.

Do I have to attend to get the materials and event recording?

Yes, you have to attend. This is a live, one time event with new content that Robin has not presented before. We’re not going to sell the recording or other materials outside of this event.

PLUS, attending is not just about getting the content. You’ll get the opportunity to talk shop with your peers about growing your business and overcoming a lot of the problems and obstacles you face as the owner. It’s also a dirt cheap way to recharge your batteries. You will undoubtedly miss out on a LOT if you stay home.

Why only $99… that seems cheap?

It’s only $99 for CLIENTS; if you are not a client it’s $599. The reason this event is so inexpensive is because our sponsors have covered the majority of the costs, and therefore we don’t need to charge our normal workshop rates of $1,000 + per person.

What’s the cancellation/no-show policy?

You can cancel and get a refund if you give us at least 5 days’ notice before the event starts. If you notify us later than that, or if you no show, you forfeit the refund. However, you CAN transfer your registration to another event provided that location has availability.

I’m not a Toolkit client; should I go?

Absolutely! The event is not product-specific. You will get a ton of value, guaranteed. Robin will make sure of that. This is for all clients regardless of what product they bought.

I’m not an Infusionsoft client; should I go?

Absolutely! Only a small breakout will be specifically for our Infusionsoft clients. The rest of the content, sessions, tools, campaigns and materials will be applicable and useable to you regardless of what CRM you have.

Is hotel, food and travel included?

No; you are responsible for booking your own travel and hotel. However, we have negotiated a room block discount at the hotel where the event is being held (that info will be provided to you immediately after registration).  You can also use Air BNB if you want a cheaper place to stay. Uber and Lyft provide easy, accessible transporation to and from the airport, and some hotels have shuttle service (please see the location hotel for more details).

Breakfast and coffee will be provided both days, and lunch and a happy hour networking reception on the first day (day two ends right before lunch).

Fair Warning: The hotel room block is limited to a set number of rooms. Once it’s sold out, there is nothing we can do and you’ll have to pay full price to get a room or (possibly) find another hotel if they are sold out. Therefore, DO NOT WAIT to register, and book your hotel room ASAP.

Can I bring a marketing manager/sales manager or sales person with me?

Absolutely! Most attendees are bringing one or more people from their team who are involved with marketing and sales. It’s also smart to have them there with you so you don’t have to attempt to go back to the office and explain 1 ½ days of content. I would recommend you use this as a marketing “retreat” to work ON your marketing and sales plan with your team. It’s only $99 per person to help cover some of the food, beverage, and incidentals.

Here’s What Previous Roadshow Guests Have To Say:

Sandra and Joe Stoll

“Thank You And Your Team For Another Fabulous Event!”

"Hi, Robin! Joe and I would like to thank you and your team for another fabulous event. Our fifth one. Each year we marvel at how much better each gets. We left last night after 2 1/2 days of our own post-event, where we banged out four great articles, a list of 67 action items to tackle, which will probably take a year to get through but is prioritized, with a new goal of Wow Factor under the client service delivery category. No this isn't the first year we came out with a list. But an interesting thing happened. It's our longest list yet, but we had fun compiling it this time and we actually have a sense of total calm and confidence never previously achieved after your sessions. Two critical elements that were never there, and sabotaged our desire from going from good to great. Lots of Oprah aha moments. Lots of things said that seeped in over the sessions. Take care, and thanks again!"

Sandra and Joe Stoll Technical Action Group

Fernando Sosa

“The Roadshow Content is ON POINT”

"I'm writing this in Chicago, as I'm waiting for my return flight after Roadshow, to anyone who is still undecided on whether to attend one. I just attended the Chicago Roadshow, and it was fantastic! It was well worth the trip! The content and the vendors were on point. Great takeaways!"

Fernando Sosa

Maureen O'Neil

“Even Though I’ve Been Using Robin’s Campaigns For Years, I STILL Left With Tons Of New Ideas”

"Even after five years of being a client of Technology Marketing Toolkit, I came back with a lot of new ideas; so inspiring! What Robin's team presented was so insightful and they all impressed me so much."

Maureen O'Neil Capstone IT

Nadine Frush

“What An Eye-Opening Experience – Just The Kick I Needed!”

"Just wanted to thank you for the amazing marketing seminar that you and your folks put on. For me, it was an eye-opening event, and a rude awakening how I've let my husband's business slide into a small, complacent tech boutique. I'm now starting to 'clean house' from top to bottom and will be implementing many of the great marketing strategies. Again, thank you."

Nadine Frush Computer Studios, Inc.