Speakers & Agenda

Day 1 Agenda:

Registration and Breakfast: 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.
Main Session: 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Cocktails And Networking Reception: 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Day 2 Agenda:

Breakfast: 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.
Main Session: 7:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

***Accelerators Club Bonus 1/2 Day Session***

All Accelerators Club members are invited to spend the afternoon of day 2 (or Monday afternoon in Washington DC) with our coaching team dedicated to building out an annual marketing plan. Lunch will be provided for Accelerators Club members during this special workshop.

Robin Robins

Who is Robin Robins?

Crushing The 5 Barriers To
Finally Implementing A Sales And
Marketing Plan That WORKS

(So You Don’t Have To)

Are you ready for the blunt, unvarnished truth about how MSPs and IT services CEOs secure high incomes, stability and security, true wealth and personal freedom? That may seem like an obvious, leading question, but the reality is that not everyone is willing to have this type of conversation.

Some are perfectly happy to “stay small,” operating as a tech with helpers. Some give lip service to growth and achievement but lack genuine ambition and drive – so the minute they encounter a roadblock or problem, they stop, turn tail and retreat to where they were. And many prefer a good excuse for their lack of success over taking full responsibility and extreme ownership to engineer the income, business and lifestyle they want.

However, if you really, truly want to figure out how to break through your current plateau and get your business GROWING PROFITABLY with better clients, real systems, true stability and exceptional profits that build EQUITY, not just a “good” living, then you need to clear your calendar and be HERE with me, to discover (and in some cases be reminded) how to break through the 5 biggest barriers that hold IT services CEOs back from getting to high 6- and 7-figure incomes.

This session is NOT about working harder, nor is it about short-term tricks. I promise I won’t waste your time with shiny new gadgets and flash-in-the-pan hacks peddled by the get-rich-quick crowd that appeals to lazy wanna-preneurs in constant pursuit of the quick fix. What I will deliver is real, tangible meat-on-the-bone strategies…tools, systems and blueprints that have not only helped me to skyrocket my company to the top 1% of my industry, but have helped THOUSANDS of MSPs and IT services firms add significant, profitable recurring revenue, high-paying clients and a peace of mind they never had before.

Consider our current spokesperson, Sitima Fowler, President of Capstone IT (now Iconic IT), who will be speaking at this event. When she came to me seeking marketing advice several years ago, she was barely scraping by, working a full-time job to pay the bills while she helped her husband, Mike, grow their IT services business. Today, she’s netting over a MILLION in profit, with real, true freedom to work only on the things she loves. (At this seminar, she’ll be speaking about how she did this.) Why ANYONE would deny themselves this information is beyond me. My track record, both personally and with my clients, speaks for itself.

If you are ready to release your brakes, here’s a high level of what you’ll get at this event:

How To SIMPLIFY Your Marketing Down To 4 Critical Campaigns That Will Double Your Business In A Year.

You DON’T need dozens and dozens of campaigns to grow. In fact, I’ve discovered that our MOST successful members actually don’t “do it all.” They carefully narrow their focus and do a few campaigns really, really well and ignore everything else. And my experience shows that there are only 4 you need to hone. In my session, I’ll not only explain what these 4 “money oil wells” are, but I’ll also hand you the exact blueprints for implementing them, along with all the copy, templates and instructions you need to go home and implement immediately into your business.

How To Deal With Overwhelm And Get Yourself To Be 10X More Effective.

Let’s face it: if you cannot get yourself to consistently do the things you know you should be doing to drive profitable growth, all the good ideas, tools, templates and strategies in the world won’t help you. During my session, I’m going to give you my personal productivity blueprint and show you how to embrace chaos and view overwhelm in an entirely different, non-stressful way. I’ll also show you how to get yourself to finally stop procrastinating and install GOOD, productive habits that make it easy to accelerate your success. For example, unbeknownst to most people, there are 3 types of discipline. Most people struggle to get themselves to take action and follow through because they only utilize one of these, and it’s the weakest, most non-reliable of the three. I’ll also give you the strategies that have proven to be the most valuable to me in my personal development and could be a catalyst for your own accelerated achievement to 10X your current capacity and output.

How To Build Your MONEY TEAM.

Specifically, your sales and marketing staff, who will OWN marketing, list building, lead generation, selling, prospecting, social media and ALL the necessary but time-consuming work that needs to be done in these areas. One of the single most common traits of profitable, growing IT services firms is that 100% of them have sales and marketing teams; conversely, a common trait of those who never break the $2 million mark is that they try to do this ALL themselves. This NEVER, ever works. I’ll reveal how to go about building this team – who to hire first, second, third, etc. I’ll show you how to attract them, interview them, compensate them. I’ll also show you how to manage your team in a way that is NOT totally “hands off” abdication, but also doesn’t require micromanagement. In fact, I’ll give you my personal Delegation Blueprint (tool) to ensure your employees actually provide you relief and not more stress in screw-ups, dropped balls, failures, drama and excuses.

How To Put Your Marketing On Autopilot To Avoid Lost Opportunities And Drastically Reduce The Complexity And Hours Required To Drive Sales.

To be clear, the “self-driving” marketing plan is a LONG way off. However, there ARE a number of things – systems and campaigns – that you can and SHOULD put on autopilot to not only reduce and streamline the work involved, but also to ensure no lead is left behind, no opportunity is dropped, no client left unsold. As an IT professional, you should know better than anyone else that time is money – and smart people use software tools and automation to maximize output while minimizing human error and workload. Yet so many IT services companies are (still!) using hodgepodge systems and manual labor to try and implement marketing systems. During this event I’ll show you how to use intelligent marketing automation software to drive your marketing plan and fuel your sales team’s productivity.

How To Uncover “Hidden Money” In Your Business Using Business Development, NOT Just “Sales.”

One of my highest, most lucrative “superpowers” is business development, NOT just getting more leads, more sales, more clients. Even my friend and Shark Tank star Robert Herjavec said to me, “Robin, you are by far the most strategic person I’ve met when it comes to getting the most out of everything you do in business.” Most IT services businesses do not understand this at all and therefore leave thousands – dare I say millions – in EASY MONEY lying on the table untouched, “hidden” in plain sight in their business. They also end up working WAAAAY harder than they should, overstaffing and overspending to get the same results. During the event, I’ll show you how to get everything you can out of every activity, client, marketing campaign, project and initiative you introduce to create a multiplier effect.

Sitima Fowler

Sitima Fowler
CEO, Capstone IT (Now Iconic) & 2019 Spokesperson For Technology Marketing Toolkit

The 5 Step Process I Used To Grow
Capstone IT From $5,000 Per Month
In Revenue And STRUGGLING To Over

This past year, Capstone IT set all-time company records for revenue ($6.3 million), net profits and average contract size – but life wasn’t always this good. When Sitima Fowler’s husband started Capstone IT, she kept her full-time job as an engineer to make sure they could pay the bills. The first 9 years were depressing because they could NOT figure out how to get new customers. After trying everything – cold calling and a number of random marketing attempts – they were only doing a tick over $300,000 in revenue. That’s when they found Robin Robins and the Toolkit.

Since then, they’ve grown EXPONENTIALLY thanks to 5 core principles they still rely on to this day. During her presentation, Sitima will talk about how to grow profitably with SANITY, taking you through every setback, problem, mistake and pitfall she had to overcome and learn from so YOU don’t have to make the same mistakes in your growth journey.

Mike Stodola

Who Is Mike Stodola?

How To Build A List Of Highly Qualified Prospects From Scratch

One of the MOST important pieces of the marketing “success” equation is having a highly targeted, qualified list of prospects to market to. Unfortunately, most MSPs and IT services firms don’t have a list, nor do they know how to go about building one. That’s why we’re having Robin’s CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Mike Stodola present a detailed blueprint of our most productive list-building strategies.

During his presentation, Mike will give you a number of list-building blueprints using every possible means, including Facebook, retargeting, SEO and website capture, LinkedIn, trade shows, webinars (live and on-demand), direct mail and telemarketing. He’ll also tell you the truth about purchased lists and why you might do better to build your own list from scratch (and how we’re doing that today). You might not use ALL of these blueprints for list building, but you’re certain to get one or two you can instantly use to start building a hyper-responsive list of hot prospects who WANT to talk to you about cybersecurity, IT services, phone systems and more.

Allison Foelber

Who Is Allison Foelber?

Push-Button Marketing For MSPs:
How To Get 4-5 Times The Marketing
Done In A Fraction Of The Time,
With A Skeleton Staff

The #1 reason our clients give for NOT doing more marketing, selling and prospecting is LACK OF TIME. That’s why you must use every shortcut, every advantage, every “power tool” you can to get your list organized and your marketing campaigns out the door. SO many MSPs and IT services firms are making marketing far more difficult than  necessary because they’re using a PSA tool that lacks many of the critical functions you need for automating campaigns and follow-up, tracking leads and following up on opportunities; or they are cobbling together 2-3 cheap software tools to try and do what ONE system could do for them.

Because of this, they waste hours doing manual labor, attempting to organize and track marketing, which not only slows you down considerably, but also increases your chances of mistakes, dropped balls, lost opportunities, incorrect reporting AND makes marketing FAR more complicated and tedious than it has to be.

If you want to discover how 525+ of our MSP and IT services members are using marketing automation tools, sales dialers and other productivity tools to FINALLY get their marketing campaigns IMPLEMENTED automatically and with more consistency, then this is a session you won’t want to miss.

Aaron Leicht

Who Is Aaron Leicht?

How To Take The Guesswork And Drama Out Of Getting Your Sales Team To Consistently Bring In Profitable Contracts

One of the most difficult challenges you’ll ever face in growing your IT services firm is finding and managing GOOD sales people – but find them you must or sales and growth will stall. But how do you find the right people? And once you hire someone, how do you make sure they hit quota each and every month? And if they’re NOT hitting quota, how do you cut through their sales B.S., troubleshoot the situation and determine where they’re going off the rails?

During this session, Robin’s own Sales Manager, Aaron Leicht, will show you how we hold sales people accountable and take the mystery and drama out of getting them to hit quota. We’ll show you how we track and manage sales reps ACTIVITIES to determine if their lack of sales is due to a bad process (poor sales skills), wasting time calling the wrong prospects or if they aren’t prospecting enough (aside, lack of prospecting IS the most common reason why sales people fail, yet they won’t admit to it). If you plan on hiring a sales rep in the future, OR if you have one right now that’s not performing, we’ll give you the tools and strategies to turn this around FAST.

Kevin Lancaster

Kevin Lancaster
CEO, ID Agent

How To Use Dark Web Scans To Get In The Door Of NEW MSP Prospects And Close Thousands Of Dollars In MRR

During this session, a consultant from ID Agent will share how many of their MSP partners are generating $18,000+ in NEW recurring revenue while getting in the doors of new prospective clients using Dark Web scans. Their product, Dark Web ID™, monitors the Dark Web for credential exposure. Using this service, hundreds of MSPs have been able to not only sell upgraded cyber security solutions to their existing clients, but also get invited in to brand new accounts to sell managed services, projects, cyber security solutions and more. This session will give you real-world strategies their current partners are using with a high degree of success, as well as ready-to-go campaigns you can take home and use.

Rob Rae

Who Is Rob Rae?

The Next Generation MSP Panel: What Our Fastest-Growing Partners Are Doing Today To Lock In Future Profits

If you want to know what you should be doing TODAY to position your company for maximum sales, profits and growth over the next 1-5 years, this is a session you won’t want to miss. During this discussion, we’ll bring in a panel of highly successful, fast-growing MSPs to discuss where they see the “easy money” right now, as well as upcoming threats and new competitors who are rapidly creeping into the market – and what you can do to prevent them from eating into your client base. Also discussed will be BIG opportunities in cyber security, selling deeper into your existing accounts, capitalizing on the fast-growing opportunity of co-managed IT and how to start selling IT services, cyber security, compliance and a host of other services to larger enterprise organizations.

Marc Haskelson

Marc Haskelson
CEO, Compliancy Group

How To Double Your Revenue, Triple Profits And Differentiate Your MSP With Compliance Services

The single biggest driver for cyber security and robust IT services sales is government regulations. Companies in the health-care industry, or who host sensitive data, are required by law to invest heavily in compliance or risk enormous fines and penalties. Yet many medical practices still do NOT have the compliance solutions they need in place, leaving a huge opportunity for any MSP that can provide these services.

That’s why the IT firms we work with are seeing a significant lift not only in sales, but in profits, when they start offering these solutions to their clients. They also enjoy higher recurring revenue streams since compliance is not a onetime project but an ongoing service that must be monitored and maintained. During this session, Compliancy Group’s CEO, Marc Haskelson, will discuss exactly what this opportunity is, how much MSPs can expect to earn and everything you need to do now to start offering these solutions to your current clients, as well as to attract new ones.

David Marosi

David Marosi
Account Manager, SherWeb

Stop Selling Office 365, Start Selling Managed Productivity

Just because Microsoft Office 365 is the leading cloud-based productivity suite doesn’t mean it’ll bring in the big bucks. Many resellers and MSPs take a hit to their bottom line when they try to sell Office 365 for two reasons: competition is fierce and margins are low. But, that’s only if you sell it as a standalone product.

The solution? Bundling Office 365 with complementary products and your managed services will give your IT company a competitive edge, increase your profit margins and give your clients one more reason to stick with you.

In this session, David Marosi, Account Manager at SherWeb, will share the bundling secrets to success. He’ll show you how to put together a competitive managed productivity bundle solution that combines Office 365 with essential products that every business needs to thrive. And he’ll do it all in five steps. By the end of the session, you’ll be ready to transform your Office 365 offer into a revenue-generating asset!

Joseph Landes

Joseph Landes
Chief Revenue Officer, Nerdio

How To Build A Successful And Profitable Microsoft Azure Cloud Practice In Just 4 Easy Steps

Most MSPs constantly struggle with how to transform their business from the on-premises world to the public cloud, sacrificing significantly greater efficiencies and monthly recurring revenue opportunities. Or even worse, letting competitors step in and offer a better, more reliable solution, at a significantly lower price point.

During this informative breakfast workshop, the experts from Microsoft and Nerdio will walk you step by step through the 4 easy steps to set up your own public cloud practice, including:

  • How to navigate the core building blocks of Microsoft Azure and how to leverage these in your MSP business
  • How to create easy to sell packaged offers in Azure
  • Small changes to pricing and package structure that significantly increase your margins beyond your wildest imaginations

More Sessions And Speakers To Be Announced Soon!!!